Sunday, February 14, 2010

~ 大年初一 2010 ~

Gladys has been coughing badly since yesterday and was on medication. She has been in a foul mood and was really cranky. Luckily we manage to take her see Dr Khoo on time and get her to drink lots of water. If not, it will be really difficult to take her around for visiting.

"正月初一头一天,家家户户过新年,从头到脚打扮好,上街去拜年" This is exactly what happens on the first day of CNY. Everyone got to wake up early and dress up in their new clothing and shoes.We went straight to my inlaws and bsil's place to 拜年 and gather to go to 般若念佛堂 (PUAT JIT BUDDHIST TEMPLE) at Anchorvale link for prayers.

This is then followed by a series of visiting. Usually we will have a very pack schedule on the first day of CNY as there are many relatives and friends' house to go. By noon time, we have went to 4 houses and stopped by Dad's and Mum's place for steamboat lunch. Brother Damian & Owen are all in and we took many photos together.

After lunch, we drove down to 观音堂 @ 四马路 for prayers. Unfortunately there are SO MANY people queuing outside the temple waiting for their turns to go in!! 真的是香火鼎盛! Since we already made our way down, we prayed quietly outside the temple for 一家平安.
Visiting continued through till late night and we have been eating and drinking from house to house. While the adults are busy engaging in gossips or mahjong, the children are keeping themselves entertained with TV programs, toys, games and chinese new year goodies. We are all so tired by the time we got home... Imagining covering 2 temples and 8 houses in 1 day!@_@ Round 2 continuing tomorrow.

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