Saturday, February 13, 2010

~ Reunion Dinner ~

Hubby made some agar-agar for the Chinese New Year today. Earlier we bought some instant agar-agar packets from NTUC (Red and Green) and made 2 sets as desserts for the family.
Later in the evening, after prayers and completing our cleanup, we went back to have Reunion dinner with my in-laws. Every year we'll gather around the table and enjoy the sumptuous hotpot (aka steamboat) including fish, abalone, meat, prawns, duck etc.
Seeing all of us so busy, Gladys also wanted to give a helping hand in setting up the table. ^_^. The children enjoy putting the fish balls or crab meat into the hotpot and watching it getting cooked. By 630pm we have finished our dinner, washed up and ready to go to River Hongbao for a walk!

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