Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~ Cycling + Preparation for Picnic ~

Had a splitting headache when I woke up today. Hopefully I do not fall sick for tomorrow's outing. Hence, we did not take the children out anywhere this evening. Instead, we stayed home and took the children downstairs to cycle. The children are still amateur cyclists as they did not have enough practice. I still remember my Dad spending every Sunday, teaching my brothers and I cycling. Despite his busy working schedule, Dad was so committed and I vividly remember he bringing us to learn cycling at the court in the old Whampoa Secondary School. Thanks to Dad, we can all cycle well. I hope Hubby & I can also spare more time teaching Denver & Gladys master their cycling too.

For now, it's fun for Gladys and Denver trying to learn and get use to the wobbling bicycle.

Later in the evening, we went home and prepared the ingredients needed for our picnic tomorrow. Hotdogs, eggs, lettuce, apples etc. Denver is very excited and can't wait for tomorrow to come. It's Bedtime! We all need to rest early and be energetic!

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