Thursday, March 18, 2010

~ Jack's Place ~

Denver came home to play with his chess as soon as he got home. There is a compulsory program where all Pri 3 students will learn chess and swimming. I think Denver will enjoy it if the program is still running 2 years later. :)

Dinner was @ Jack's Place using Hubby's redeemed voucher from Citibank. Soup with Garlic bread, Fish & Chips, Chicken Sausage with Fries and Egg, Steak and Ice-cream..... YUMMY and Absolutely FULL!

Denver saw his Kindergarten's best friend, Emmanuel with his Mommy at Jack's Place and he was SOoooo HAPPY! They practically talk and talk... from the restuarant to the Atrium @ Compass Point to the Library. The boys share common interests and had a lot of good time together. It is so good to meet up with a childhood friend and I'm sure today has been wonderful for Denver. ^_^

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