Saturday, March 27, 2010

~ Hubby's Birthday Dinner @ Bliss Restaurant ~

It's whole day dining out on Hubby's Birthday. Hubby decided to go to Bliss Restaurant which lies within Punggol Park inside where there is an indoor as well as an outdoor dining area. Parking lot is very limited but we are lucky to get a spot. If not, we'll have to park at the carpark opposite the park.

At first we intend to dine within the indoor area but the air-condition simply fails to make us feel any cooler. Hence, we make a switch and went to seat by the pond. It was the RIGHT decision as we have a good view of the waterfront and enjoying the breeze. It was cooling and relaxing while waiting for our food to be served.

Food was alright except for my chicken chunk spaghetti where the chicken is too Salty! Service wise is passive but polite. One of the waiter helped to give the kids a cushion each so that they can be seated comfortably.

It has been a nice Dining experience and I love the ambience. Heard from Hubby that the price of the beer is reasonable and it's a popular spot for Happy Hour. A group of friends can just gather by the outdoor waterfront area to drink, chit chat, enjoy the cooling breeze, watching people exercising or strolling with their pets and the sun sets.

After having our dinner, we strolled around the park together. A good way to digest our food too. :p It's nice to have a leisure walk (as a family) to enjoy the nature and it's simplicity out of our usual busy schedule. 其实简单就是美, 平凡就是幸福。

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