Saturday, March 27, 2010

~ Playing in the Dark - Earth Hour 2010 ~

First time we participated in the Earth Hour movement. At around 830pm, we switched off the lights and the television. Only keeping 2 ceiling fans on due to the hot weather.

Daddy kept himself busy in the computer room with his work while the children are bored without the lights because they cannot read, play games and watch cartoon programs. So, I took out their hand-powered torchlight to direct their way around the house and play. At first, Denver said it was scary but it wasn't that bad after all. The siblings started to have fun with their torchlights. Shining it around the house and making shadows.

The main purpose is to let them experience the night without the lights. Apart from playing, I also asked them to hold on to their torches as my light source to help me do my housework. Example: Keeping, folding and hanging my laundry. They have been very good helpers. ^_^ Gladys was having fun all the time while Denver hopes that the hour ends soon.

Having Black outs in Singapore is very rare and so it has been a good experience. Hopefully, the children will learn to appreciate life better and not to take things for granted. We should be conscious with Energy Conservation and switching off the electricity when not in use.

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