Saturday, March 27, 2010

~ Hubby's Birthday Lunch @ Sakae ~

Happy Birthday Dearest Hubby!! The children sang him a Happy Birthday Song this morning (with Mommy's reminder of course! :p) when they woke up. The children are the happiest lots even though it is not their Birthday. They knew they will have good food and a good time. True enough, we went to Sakae Sushi for lunch to celebrate Daddy's Birthday. (Using the $50 voucher which I won in the previous Sakae Blogger contest.) ^_^

Denver & Gladys browsing through the menu while waiting for the restaurant to open at 1130am.
I just realised that Sakae has a New Menu! Looks so much classier! (Brown and Gold versus the Old Green and White) They have also introduce the new $3.99 Pink Plates with a whole lot of new items to choose from! You can now view the brand new menu online at the Sakae Sushi Official Website too! (

It's great that Sakae has offered more choices and menu selection. However, a word of caution for the diners is to take an extra look at the food on the plate before picking them up from the belt. As we are frequent patrons of Sakae, I realise the inari sushi ($1.99 - normal coloured plate) are all being placed on the Pink Plates! We browse through the menu again and got confused.. Was there a change in pricing? Or are we colour-blind? Luckily we clarified with the waiter and he made the corrections immediately. If not, we (and other diners) could have been paying more than we should have!

With the red, normal coloured plates and the new Pink plates, Sakae would really need to put in extra caution and effort in ensuring the food being place are served correctly to avoid inconveniences. In addition, Hubby also made another comment that the lighting at the Sakae Sushi outlet at Century Square is too dim. It takes awhile to pick the correct coloured plates and lesser pleasure to see our food. Hence, it will be great if the lighting effects can be improved. ^_^
Opps! Enough of 'complains'. :p Food is great and we filled our tummies. Looking forward to more attractive promotions from Sakae so that we also try a couple of the new pink plates.

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