Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~ Multi-Tasking and Striking a Balance ~

Being a mother is not easy.. Being a working mother makes it even tougher. Apart from working during the day, there is never-ending housework and on top of that, I need to spend time with the children studying and playing.

Term 2 started yesterday and Denver's school work starting to pile up. For example, he is having more tests lately. He just finished his Chinese test before the March Holidays, completed his English test today and I am just informed that there will be a Maths test this Friday. He got his Term 2 English spelling list today and spelling starts on Thursday. Then I suddenly remember that he has Chinese spelling this Thursday which I have totally forgotten. Opps!

Hmmm..where did all my time gone to???? By the time we got home from dinner, it's checking through Denver's school bag and reviewing his work. In addition, Gladys also needed attention with her writings and readings. She can write her english name, alphabets (A-Z) and numbers (1-10) already and I'm trying to teach her simple chinese wordings from 一到十. Gladys is an active girl who gets distracted easily and wouldn't pay attention or sit still like Denver. I need greater patience to teach my little girl.

Wednesday nights is always a mad rush for me since I got teleconference with my U.S Team weekly. I'm lucky if I do not have other meetings scheduled on other nights. If there are time to spare, the children will enjoy storytelling time with Mommy. If not, they will be keeping themselves occupied either with cartoons or computer games. (That really helps to give me some time to do part of my housework.) Gladys is pretty good using the mouse and playing the games in Playhouse Disney online. It is her favourite website and once, I happen to see that she can use the keyboard to enter her name. WoW...

Work, housework, schoolwork, playtime, juggling the time between the children, family and not forgetting personal leisure enjoyment is really a lot on every parents' plate. Striking a "Work-Family-Life" balance is not easy but something that I am looking forward to acheive.


  1. in Sg, work-life-balance= lesser $$. At least woman will find man useful for once, in helping a bit here and a bit there keke.

  2. hahaha.. well said :)