Sunday, March 21, 2010

~ Tamago Sushi and Octopus Hotdogs ~

Last week, I tried to make Tamagoyaki and hence following the instructions online, I used 4 eggs, 2 Tbsp of sugar and a little bit of soya sauce for my sweet egg omelet. I did not have a rectangular pan and have to depend on my circular saucepan to make my tamagoyaki. It's kinda difficult to flip the eggs but I managed to make the egg omelet succesfully. ^_^

Cutting the eggs into thin slices and I made my very own Tamago sushi! I also make a few crabstick sushi too. The only downside is I did not manage to master how to make the sushi rice taste just right. Maybe it's because I did not use the tradition Japanese short-grain rice... if not, it could be the mixture that went wrong.
Gladys is very fond of the Octopus hot dogs which I made during our picnic last week. So I made some again on Saturday. I guess she finds it cute and has a bigger appetite to finish them all. :) How the food is displayed is really very important. That is why Japanese Bento are popular, good to look at and appetizing.

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