Sunday, March 07, 2010

~ Reading is FUN! ~

Every since I graduated from school (which was many many years ago), I have not been visiting the Public Libraries. Thanks to our children, we are now a frequent visitor since Denver started nursery school. This routine continued with Gladys and we went from visiting once every few weeks to bi-weekly and now it becomes a weekly routine.

Denver developed his reading routine since young through a couple of channels..
1) Story books from school/home
2) Story books from Public Libraries
3) Online story books (eResources)
4) Mommy reading bedtime stories

I hope Gladys will also loves reading like her Gor Gor. :)

The children are so familiar with the Library surrounding that they will pick their books to browse/read. Going to the Library is one of our favourite activity which helps to cultivate reading habits from young and at NO COST! (i.e. if you remember to return your books on time. :p) But not to worry, there are now various reminder services offered by the Library and it can go to your internet email, fax machine or mobile phone through an sms alert. :) We started with borrowing the library books using our NRIC, till now the children have their very own library cards. The PL has also increased the borrowing priviledges from 4 to 6 books (since July 09) and up to 21 days. :) (which means our family can borrow up to 24 books at one time.) In the past, we'll only borrow about 8-12 books for the children... but this number has increased to more than 12 since Denver wants to read more books for his reading session in school. (This is really encouraging and we don't mind the hassle of carrying the heavy books. ^_^).

Everytime when we go to the library, we'll need 2 Tote Bag to carry the books. Since Dec 09, the Public Library has a Go Green Today Initiative. Redeem a Free eco-friendly foldable library bag with just 16 loans (under the same library user)! We missed out for the previous months but got our Green bag for the month of March. :)
Reading is Fun for both children & adult. Enchanted stories, adventures books, colourful and beautiful pictures... all that needs to bring out a child's creative and imaginative mind.

If Parents have no time to bring their children to the library, reading books online through eResources is another great alternative. There are many eBooks available online and it is Fun and interactive too. :)

Have FUN Reading!

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