Saturday, March 06, 2010

~ 妹妹好多了! ~

Gladys developed a fever since Thursday night through Friday... She is not in her usual active self and has been quiet the entire night. Always 'sticking' to Mommy for hugs. I don't know why my kids seems to be terrified of the Cooling Adhesive (退热帖). They resist it very much and always make a big fuss whenever I attempt to stick it on their forehead when they have fever. The only reason I got from them was they dislike the Super Cooling effect. :(
Anyway, apart from the 'manual' sponging that I usually do, the cooling adhesive definitely has been a helpful invention in relieving the fever (from the head at least) and giving me some assurance to last me throughout the long night.

After taking antibiotics and new medication, Gladys felt better today. As soon as she gets her strength back, she is back to her chirpy looks and being 'chaotic' and 'trouble-maker' in the house again. Hahaha... But I am glad that she is feeling better now because I can finally have my Beauty Sleep back. ^_^

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