Sunday, June 13, 2010

~ 谢记 Hong Kong Dessert ~

After dinner, we walked around and dropped by a dessert shop - 谢记 Hongkong Dessert (around Jubilee @ Ang Mo Kio) to try out some of the desserts.

After browsing through the menu, I was amazed to see "双皮奶" in the list! It has been ages since I tasted that dessert for the first time when I first travelled to Hong Kong with Hubby. 双皮奶 can be served as a hot or cold dessert and it was really delicious.

Each of us ordered a different dessert to try.

- 双皮奶+ 蜜糖炖雪梨 (Milk Pudding + Double Steamed Pear with Honey - $3.80
- 杨枝甘露 (Mango Pomelo) - $4
- 雪花冰砂 (Snow Land) - $2.50

I was very disappointed with the 双皮奶 as it didn't has that extra thin layer of 奶皮 on the top (like the one I had in HK). That was what made the dessert special. The taste is also not as fragrant and milky... it seems like a normal cold milk pudding to me in this case. The double-steamed pear on the other hand is warm, sweet and refreshing. You can also eat the entire pear after drinking the soup. As for the Mango Pomelo, it is a fresh, fruity thick mango taste. Snow Land is another milk drink suitable for the kids which is rich in calcium and helps to strengthen the bones.

The overall presentation was good. Unfortunately, I feel it is a little pricy with the small servings and the lack of unqiue flavour.

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