Sunday, June 13, 2010

~ Pre Father's Day dinner @ Chu Yi Kitchen ~

Next week is Father's Day. We usually dine together a week ahead to avoid the crowd. Hubby suggested to go to Chu Yi Kitchen located in Ang Mo Kio. The reviews online was pretty good so we decided to come here and try.

It is a pretty small cze char eatery place under the HDB block with a couple of tables. Looks like a coffeeshop style and yet provides catering and delivery service as well. Unlike the usual kopitiam where we'll be expecting many people dining, here is much quieter. We are also the only big group of diners filling up the table.

Chu Yi Kitchen (厨艺-美食之家)

Address: Block 151 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #01-3046 Singapore 560151
Operating hour: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Phone: +65 6459 2198

Signature dishes : Curry Fish Head, Big Prawn Hor Fun, Roasted meat platter

Nevertheless, we ordered the signature and recommended dishes like Big Prawn Hor fun, Curry fish head, Scholar tofu, Mixed meat platter, Yam Basket, Broccoli with scallop and Prawn paste fried chicken.

I particulary like the horfun, tofu and yam basket. For the Big prawn Hor fun, the prawns are big and serves on with a thick gravy. The vegetables are fresh and the hor fun taste nice too... unlike the usual that I normally eat. The ingredients in the Yam Basket is very fresh with bigger prawns, scallops etc and and the taste of the Yam is sweet and good. Scholar tofu surprised me with the prawn and cuttlefish paste within when I bite it.

As for the curry fish head, it wasn't as spicy as we expected it to be. In fact it was not spicy at all. Nevertheless, it has a unique sour flavour and serves well with the rice. Mixed meat platter is an interesting combination as it has pork, chicken and duck on a plate. Overall dining experience is satisfactory and the final bill is about $109 including the drinks and rice. Definitely will consider coming back again for another meal. ^_^


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    omg.. i'm drooling now.. those dishes looks sooo delicious. yummy !! especially on curry fish head.. :D

  2. Sorry for the late response! I missed this one. :(

    Yup. The hor fun is not bad.. overall i think the food over there is ok :)