Friday, June 11, 2010

~ World Cup 2010 - South Africa ~

World Cup 2010 is back again (after 4 years) and today (in fact now) is the first match between South Africa and Mexico.

It is a shame that watching World Cup on TV is so pricey now with Starhub and Singtel's overpriced packages. If it is $94 now, what will it be like in 2014? No wonder many are frustrated.

Well, I am not too much of a soccer fan. Only remembering my younger days where I watched the English Premier League matches on TV with my big brother. The other most exciting period was in the mid 1990s where the Singapore Lions compete and won the Malaysia cup! I still remembered my father, brothers and I sticking by the TV and cheered on for the Lions throughout the matches.

Next came the World Cup fever... in the year 2002, World Cup was held in Korea and Japan. It was also the first time being hosted in Asia and that really meant a lot. One of the good thing is the matches are aired during our timezone... (instead of those midnight wee hours where people are losing sleep over it). However, that also meant quite a fair bit of distractions to those big soccer fans who are working during the day. :p

I still recalled around year 2000, Singapore just legalized football betting game and hence it heightens a lot of interest and betting during World Cup 2002. It was also the first time (probably my last) that I was so involved in World cup. I remembered following my colleagues (then) queuing up to buy the bets and keeping a very close watch on all the match results. I bought a little (for fun) and I won some and lose some.. :p It feels great to win and you'll like to win more. But when a bet was lost, you just hope to win it back. That's probably why there's always a queue at the betting counters. :)

The most amazing thing that I did (which I never thought I will do) is sitting in an open area (under the sun) somewhere along Orchard Road and watching the Big Screen which is airing the football match LIVE. All those around me seems to be soccer fans and I feel a bit out of place.. Hahahaha..

Well, that was some experience and fun memories. ^_^ World Cup to me now is probably just seeing if Hubby got win any little bets, marking the winning and losing team on the chart and knowing which country wins at the end of the day. :p

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