Thursday, June 10, 2010

~ 天乐 is 1 month old ~

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Last week, my nephew TianLe just turned 1 month old. He is so adorable and really resembles my 2nd brother. ^_^ Owen says baby looks like me when I was young too..Hahaha..

Isn't he cute?? Chubby chubby and got lotsa hair. ^_^

Brother adores TianLe a lot and my mum also cherish the new addition to our family. Denver and Gladys going to have more cousins to play with. Come to think about it, hubby's brother's and my brother's kids are all boys which still leaves Gladys as the only Princess in our family tree (for the time being). :p Being surrounded by so many wonder she is so bossy and boyish..

HAPPY 1 Month Old TianLe ^_^


  1. Aiyohhh so sweet! :)

    Happy 1 month Tianle!!

  2. Thanks Ju Ann :) Happy Weekend !