Wednesday, July 07, 2010

~ Casual Dining at Sakae Sushi ~

We are back to dining at Sakae Sushi again (within 1 month!). This time, we are here with my two brother-in-laws' family for a simple get together. Since there are 12 of us, we decided to go to the Sakae branch at Hougang Point as usually it is not as crowded compared to the other branches (e.g. Compass Point outlet where there will always be a queue). True indeed, we managed to get 3 tables even though its dinner time. ^_^

There are many purple round banners - "Sakae Sushi Welcomes the World" hanging all around the various outlets in support of Singapore hosting the YOG and welcoming our international guests in August.

We seated down and Gladys said the computer isn't working *again. I do enjoy picking from the ordering system instead of remembering what we would like to order prior to calling for the waiter? However, it would be even better if they can replace the current display and put up with bigger photos and wordings as I feel the current one seems to be a bit too small for me. :p Old liao.

Nevermind, most importantly is the sushi belt is still running. :D It would be worse if both failed. Hahaha..

Instead of indulging ourselves with plates and plates of sushi, Hubby and I ordered Kimuchi Ramen and Katsu Curry Don.

This is my first time having the Katsu Curry Don. Thick curry gravy over the rice and there are lots of meat and potatoes. I thought it wasn't too bad but Hubby still prefers his food to be hot and spicy. :)

Gladys always like to stand on the seat and pop over to look at the other side. Usually I will keep her seated and stop her from disturbing the other diners. This time it's a different case since her cousins are just right behind her. :) They sure made a lot of noise. Opps :p

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