Tuesday, July 06, 2010

~ Writing my name ~

Teaching Gladys to write her Chinese name is a big challenge compared to Denver. There are too many strokes in her name and even some adults have difficulty writing it correctly.

To start off, it all begins with teaching her learning some simple basic strokes, 横,竖,撇,捺 and eventually writing simple Chinese words like 大, 小, 上, 下, 人, 口.... etc. she started to recognize these words as she writes and reads.

Eventually, she was able to write 王 and 平 as soon as she starts Nursery but 馨 is simply too hard for her. (Why did we choose such a difficult word in the first place? :p) So, the word is 'broken' down into 声 and 香 where she practised writing it for a couple of weeks more. I guess the simple writings that Gladys did in Nursery school also helped to improve her understanding of Chinese strokes and enhanced her learning curve.

After 6 months of practising, Gladys finally learned how to write her Chinese name - 王馨平. Definitely an achievement for her! I didn't expect Gladys to learn this before she turns 4. She remembered the strokes and this is her name! :)

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