Saturday, July 03, 2010

~ Decorative Wall Stickers ~

Wall decal is getting pretty popular lately... Not only to children rooms but also to living room, bedroom, kitchen, shower area and even on your cabinet, windows, mirrors, doors and fridge. Wall decals sticks onto all smooth surface and can be removed easily. It's quick and easy, no mess, no strong and pungent smell like paint, large variety of designs to choose from and you can mix and match! It transforms a plain, dull wall and brightens up your house. :)

Hubby and I bought 2 wall decals last month from the recent carboot sale at T3 (Changi Airport). Both cost less than $10 and we still got a little discount off!

I didn't have a chance or time to figure out where to stick them till this afternoon. After much thoughts, I decided to stick one of them on one of the walls of our long corridor. :)

It's very simple with only a few easy steps to follow: 
1) Clean and dry the surface with mild soap and water. Make sure that the surface must be flat and cannot have any curve.
2) Peel off from the backing paper.
3) Apply to the surface
4) Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles.

I tried it out on my own and it's really cool! The only thing is to be very careful when peeling it out from the backing paper. It is kinda fragile and easily torn off at the narrow section. I accidentally torn out the stem of the leaf and the tip of a narrow tree branch. Luckily, even if its torn, I can still stick them back right on position without much flaws. :)

Took me less than 1 hour to complete this! Most of the time is taken to peel out the stickers carefully and pasting them onto the right place.

The other piece I placed it in our bedroom.. just above our bed. Sweet and cute. The children like it! TOTALLY SATISFIED!

I found a few websites selling wall decals and they are so BEAUTIFUL! Don't you just feel like renovating your walls again? So tempted to buy more of it. :p hahahhaa..


  1. too bad,it's not available in Malaysia. Looks like I have to scout for one in Malaysia now because these wall decorations are so pretty!! I am thinking of decorating my daughter's room, the kitchen and perhaps my living room too! See.. your article have influenced me terribly. LOL

  2. Oh my! hehehe.. I think the wall decals are available in Malaysia..just that need to google and search.

    Would love to see how your daughter's room looked like after you deco it ^_^