Saturday, July 24, 2010

~ Drawings - National Day Painting ~

Gladys woke me up early this morning asking me what should we do while Denver gor gor is away for his swimming lesson. Since the sky is gloomy... I said : "How about painting?" Gladys is so happy when I said that and she quickly took out the paints.

Most of the time I cannot figure out what Gladys is trying to paint. :) Her paintings or drawings are usually abstract. She likes to mix the paint until all the colours become dark and black. Unlike Denver who will usually tries to draw objects or people.

Gladys' abstract painting. :)

While Gladys is busy painting and watching cartoons at the same time.. I did a little painting of my own too. Hehehe (Just to pass time). Since National Day is around the corner, I drew a poster in celebration of Singapore's 45th birthday. I painted many Orchids in the sky as fireworks beneath the Singapore skyline and I'm pretty satisfied with the final drawing. :)

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