Saturday, July 24, 2010

~ Whole day out eating ~

We ate a lot of stuff today - from morning to night. (almost non-stop). :p After Denver's swimming lesson, we went straight to Ang Mo Kio's COURTS as hubby wants to try his luck to see if he can get some cheap promotional items published on today's Straits Times. No luck anyway. :p

My breakfast was fishball noodles, lunch was Yong Tau Fu and the kids had breakfast set. Hubby didn't feel its filling after having his Laksa and we went for another round of Chee Kueh - 水糕 and Zhu Chang Fen (猪肠粉). While making our way to AMK Hub, we had herbal bottled drinks and there are also free cups of orange juices for sampling.

We stopped by NTUC and here's where the children had fun playing with the exercise equipments. (They are always so energetic!)

Before leaving for home, the children said they are hungry and thirsty... so we bought another bottle of herbal drink and a packet of Muah Chee. Not to forget, there are more free sampling of orange juices as we exit.

After waking up from a good afternoon nap, I was still feeling quite full during dinner time and thought I won't be able to eat much at Feng Shan hawker center. Well, I was totally wrong! I finished my plate of Chicken rice while hubby had his Satay beehoon. Bbil bought some Satays and Chicken wings to share and we finished them all with the Sugarcane drinks.

Time to walk around to burn off the fats!! We went to the COURTS Megastore @ Tampines and Gladys specifically wants to take a photo with this lady in the poster. Who is prettier? Hahaha :D

We walked over to IKEA and being a member, we got 2 cups of free drinks. The children love the $1 hotdogs and it is their MUST EAT whenever we are at IKEA. (Yummy and value for dollar.) Denver gets to put a lot of mustard, tomato and chilli sauce while Gladys prefers to leave them all out. We finally completed our eating spree for today. Feeling fat!

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