Monday, July 12, 2010

~ Farewell Buffet Lunch at Kuishinbo ~

12th July - It has been sometime since I last visited Kuishin-Bo for their 60 minutes buffet lunch ($21.90). Today it is for a special reason.. farewell to our dear colleague - Pailin. She'll be transferring back to Thailand very soon and so a few of us have gathered here to give her a treat.

I always enjoyed Japanese cuisine and Kuishin-Bo has a wide spread of food including fresh sashimi, sushi, tempura, handrolls, seafood, mini paper steamboat, soba, teppanyaki, soups and not forgetting the desserts and free flow of soft drinks, coffee and tea.
Unlike the times when I'm much younger.. eating buffet is not as 'easy' as it was before. :p The amount of food intake has reduced and I have to be selective too. :) It's always good to go buffet in a big group so that we can always share and try more food variety. ^_^

I love the sashimi, sushi and desserts... The mushroom soup is also exceptionally thick, creamy and delicious. Yummy. The only down side is the pricing of Kuishin-Bo getting more and more pricy and doesn't seems to be economical for us to go as a family anymore.

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