Monday, July 12, 2010

~ Alarm Clock ~

Since Denver is in the morning session, he has slowly accustom to waking up by himself with the help on his alarm clock. We bought a simple one which has a louder alarm 2 months ago. Alarm is set to ring at 6:20am on weekdays and he usually wakes up on his own instead of having us dragging him up. It is really handy and I'm glad we got the clock for Denver.

Of course, sleeping early (before 10pm) helps Denver to wake up on time in the morning. Through time, he has learned, developed a standard routine and not having to depend on us. After waking up, he'll brush, eats his breakfast (which Daddy prepares), baths, put on his uniform, wears his socks and shoes, prays and gets ready to go to school. The only constant reminder is completing each task at a faster rate since he usually eats in dreamland, takes his own sweet time bathing and putting on his school's attire.

I still recall when I was schooling, I tend to ignore when my alarm clock rings. I'll tell myself...another 5mins.. then another 10mins have passed until I'm force to wake up before getting late. Hence, I thought Denver was pretty alert and disciplined to wake up as soon as the alarm rings. (at least better off than me as I am still dragging myself up everyday.) ^_^

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