Tuesday, July 13, 2010

~ Punggol Central Racial Harmony Kite Flying Carnival 2010 ~

Punggol Central Racial Harmony Kite Flying Carnival was held 2 weekends ago (4th July). Hubby has been working through the late nights and hence the initial intention is only to pop by and have a quick peek at the kites. It has been raining for the past few days and the grass is muddy and wet. We had a hard time making our way to the tentage with puddles of water all around. EWwwww.. It isn't any better inside the tentage as well but I managed to purchase 2 goodie bags that comes with mineral water, raisin bun and a mini-kite inside. That is just nice for Gladys to play and the children will not fight over the kites.

The puddles of muddy wet waters didn't seems to bother the kite enthusiastics at all. Many people are busy flying their own kites while checking out the designs of the others. The carnival started early in the morning but there are still many people in the afternoon. Just look at the number of kites in the sky.. I lost count how many are there.

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