Wednesday, July 14, 2010

~ My Princess @ 3 Years ~

Gladys is going to celebrate her 4th Birthday in 2 months time! She has grown a lot and becoming a pretty little girl. Although still acting very boyish, she starts to pick her dress, occasionally wants mommy to comb and tie her hair and sees herself in the mirror. Lately, she also refuses to have her hair cut. :p

Gladys with her short hair (帅气)

Gladys in her little dress (美丽)

Gladys posing in her casual wear (调皮)

Gladys in her school's P.E attire (童真)

That's my girl! Cheerful, active, expressive and full of tricks on her sleeves. ^_^ 


  1. looking at Gladys now, and when she is baby (header pic), her features have not changed much :)
    Big girl already..

  2. Yes! It's amazing you know.. seeing them growing up. I'm sure you will get excited when Wenxin grows up to be a lady too! ^_^