Thursday, July 15, 2010

~ Nuffnang Movie Contest - "The Sorcerer’s Apprentice" ~

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If you are a sorcerer’s apprentice, what would you use your powers for?

If I have magical powers, I would like to go back in time to prevent the falling incidents from happening. :( Denver had 2 bad falls injuring his forehead when he was 2 and 5 years old respectively. Ironically both happened in May and the 1st being on Mother's Day. It was a horrible and terrified experience and I will never forget it... Blood flowing out of Denver's head as we rushed him down to KKH. It was a very deep cut and Hubby and I felt so guilty for not able to hold him at that moment of time. He had stitches and that left a scar on his forehead. I cried...and for many days I blamed myself heavily for not watching over him.

The 2nd time when Denver falls I wasn't around but Hubby was traumatised. This time it nearly hit his eyes and thank goodness it didn't. We rushed all the way down to KKH again and this time I was in the room with Denver witnessing the doctor stitching him up. Denver was very brave and he was wide awake when the stitches were done. He didn't cry or complained.

Every month of May (especially near Mother's Day), I do get worried... and sometimes when I look at Denver's scars as he sleeps in the night, I do feel sad and guilty. The 2 scars left on Denver's forehead may have been physical.... but they have make a permanent scars in my heart and memory.

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