Tuesday, August 03, 2010

~ Gladys and Mummy are ill ~

It has been horrible since the beginning of the week. My flu didn't recover well and Gladys' cough got worse. She coughed throughout the night and we couldn't sleep. On a few occasion, she vomited...Gladys coughed so much that it is straining her stomach. Poor girl. :( She has difficulty breathing and couldn't sleep well at all. I stayed up keeping her company all night.. 1am... 2am...3am...I changed her shirt as she vomited on the bed. 4am... 5am... We ended up sitting in the living room watching Playhouse Disney till 6plus when its morning already.

It has been a long and dragging night... Mummy is exhausted...We took her to see the doctor early this morning and she has been 'sticky' to me like a koala bear since. Her hands will stretch out wide - initiating that she wants me to 抱抱. Tonight is expected to be difficult as well.. her temperature seems to be rising and I'll need to monitor if she gets a fever in the middle of the night. :( Haiz...

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