Monday, August 09, 2010

~ How we celebrate NDP 2010 - Fireworks, Shopping, Home ~

After spending a whole day at the Singapore Zoo and staying up to watch the fireworks late last night, we are exhausted. Early this morning, Denver woke up complaining of a tummyache and only to find out that he is having a fever. :( Oh dear.

Denver wanted to watch movie very much and initially we planned to take the kids out too. But with his condition, we can only stay home. Still, it is a special day and all of us dress ourselves up in Red and White. Gladys being the most energetic woke up early, drew me a picture, grab snacks out to eat on her own, played with her balloon flower hat and also sang Majulah Singapore.

We took the kids out for lunch and went for our grocery shopping at NTUC Xtra (Hougang Point). Denver is still having a mild fever but he is looking more active now. I guess if he can play with his sister, he shouldn't feel too bad. :)

We had a nap in the afternoon and this is when Denver's temperature went up again. Mommy sponged him while watching the NDP parade on television. In the past, they prefer the watch Playhouse Disney or Cartoon Networks. So this is the first time the kiddos sat down watching the NDP parade. The marching, singing, parachutes etc. They start to get really excited when they saw Sengkang CC is part of the celebration too! We knew there is a stage and carnival from 4pm-9pm, but Denver is ill and so we didn't went down earlier.

Gladys is upset and started to protest. She saw flags, balloons and wanted to go to the Padang too! "走了,走了" - She initiated us to go... but Denver gor gor is still ill, my dear! After much delay and struggle, we decided to drive past Sengkang CC and stop by for awhile. Hubby managed to park inside Compass Point and I took the kids to the back of the stage to avoid the crowd and also to let Gladys fulfill her wishes.

Gladys waved her flag that she brought along. We didn't manage to get the goodie bags which so many people have collected. That is probably the only disappointment so far. :) Well, at least we have been part of the party and we settled our dinner too.

We drove out of Compass Point and went to pump petrol at Shell. Seeing so many people gathering along the open field opposite the mall, our guess is that there will be Fireworks later! The children said that they wanted to stay on and watch. So we stopped by and waited for the grand finale to start. There are crowd all over - from the open fields to those sitting under the HDB blocks. Cars are parking along the road side and I have never seen Sengkang so 'happening' before!

We didn't know what time the fireworks display is going to start, but I expected it being anytime after the One Voice at 20:10pm. :) At around 820pm, Boom, Boom, Boom!!!! Here it goes!!! We are really just metres away and it was so LOUD! The kids covered their ears and Gladys hide behind me. The fireworks are so pretty and the children enjoyed it so much despite the earlier shock.

Hubby said the tanks drove pass too, but we missed it since we are standing at a different spot. It's also time for Denver to go home and rest. Gladys love National Day so much that she still wants to wear her red shirt and white pants. It took me quite awhile before I managed to convince her to change into her pyjamas.

This should be one of their most memorable National Day Celebration so far.


  1. hello friend, we standing opp the road lah. behind u guys. haha

  2. cool!! :) Yesterday fireworks was good.