Tuesday, August 10, 2010

~ Hungry Ghost Festival 2010 ~

After celebrating NDP 2010 yesterday, today marks the start of the Ghost month (鬼节). It will be from 10th August to 7th September. Our family always pray and make offerings on every 1st and 15th of the lunar month. Chinese believes that on the lunar 7th month, the gates of hell are opened and the ghosts, spirits and deceased ancestors will come out from the lower realm.

There are many things that Chinese will try to avoid doing during this month..including getting married, moving/buying house, travelling overseas, swimming, hanging clothes out at night, staying out late etc. My mum always tells me be careful with my words and to watch where I am going and not to kick, cross over or step on the offerings, ashes or altars.

During this month, we will also see various Getais (歌台) around Singapore where there will be singing and performances. The first row of the seats are reserved for "special guests" and we are not to sit on it.

Superstition?? Well, sometimes it is best to be careful and safe.

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