Wednesday, August 25, 2010

~ My Birthday Presents and Lunch @ Nihon Mura ~

Another week to my birthday and I have been looking forward to having lunch with my close friends. They are really nice to make so much effort just to come all the way and plan for this day. We went to dine at the Nihon Mura branch at Jurong West Sports & Recreation centre and they have a lunch special at $7.99++ which includes choosing from a range of main dish (A) , a side dish (B) and a dessert (C).

It is an enjoyable thing to eat, chit chat, gossips and talk about everything under the sun. The other main highlight is of course presenting me with my birthday presents! hahahaha. Wow.. didn't expect to get two. :) They are really innovative when it comes to buying presents. Because of this group of pals, I get to receive stuff that I will never expect myself to buy or do. Now I got a new 'baby' to care for - my little plant. Gladys saw the plant on the table when she got home and says it is a flower. :) She even get ready to water it and luckily I stopped her just in time before my plant falls ill due to over-dosage of watering. hahaha..


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