Thursday, August 26, 2010

~ Youth Olympic Games 2010 Closing Ceremony ~

Today finally marks the closing of the first inaugural Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2010. The YOG which lasted 2 weeks definitely steers a lot of excitement and hitting the headlines.

The table-tennis matches is my favourite and although many pondered on whether Isabelle Li is truly a local born athlete and started "researching" on her parents, grandparents etc.. Singapore's Chopper - Isabelle has truly played well and draw my attention to watch her live matches and cheering for the Singapore team. :)

A spectacular opening ceremony, wonderful games and competition played by the athletes and just a while ago, we saw the official closing ceremony of the YOG 2010 as the flag of the Youth Olympic flag is lowered and handed to the representatives of Nanjing - China who will be hosting the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics Games. The tornado Youth Olympic fire is finally extinguished and this marks the end of the FIRST Youth Olympic Games 2010 in SINGAPORE.

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