Saturday, August 14, 2010

~ Persistent High Fever - Denver sent to do Xray & Blood Test ~

Denver had fever since Monday and his temperature went on a roller coaster ride since then. Hubby took him back to Doctor Khoo yesterday when Denver (who is still having a fever) woke up complaining slight pain on his feet and weakness. Due to his persistent fever, Denver was sent to do an x-ray and bloodtest at the nearby Polyclinic.

I heard from Hubby that Denver cried a lot when they tried to prick his finger for the blood test. He is still very much afraid of the needles and only to realise it wasn't so bad afterall.

The x-ray and blood test results are fine and I guess there is no indication of Dengue. They headed back to the doctor where Denver is prescribed with a stronger antibiotics and more dosage of fever medicines.

Poor sonny is very weak and restless for the rest of the day. He watched cartoons and sleep most of the time feeling cold and hot interchanging. It is the first time Denver has consistent high fever (~39 degrees) for 12 hours, the highest hitting 39.3 degrees taken from oral!

I was worried but many work still needs to be done! I noted down the timings for his medication, encouraged him to drink more clear fluid (water, 100 plus, juices) to make sure he is not dehyrdrated, sponged his hot body, checked his temperature and read him bedtime stories so that he is not feeling too bad even in sickness.

Late nights is the hardest to pass as it is usually this time where temperature will rises. Denver's fever is still very high (between 38.6 to 39.2 degrees) and I dare not sleep for fear his temperature will rises further. I checked on him every other 15 minutes and sponged him. Woke him up at 12:40am for his medication and continue to monitor his temperature again while he sleeps.

I set my phone alarm to ring at 2am and 3am in case I fell asleep unknowingly. It was only when his temperature went down to 38 degrees before I finally rest and had a little wink. Hubby took over the shift at around 4am and I went back to my room to sleep. Yawn! Zzz Zzz Zzz Zzz.....
I was definitely happy to hear Denver back to his cheery self and cheering when he took his temperature this morning. "Yes! 36.9 degrees!" That is a relief. Still, we are not letting off our guards and Denver will continues his medication and complete his antibiotics.

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