Saturday, August 14, 2010

~ YOG Opening Ceremony is AMAZING! ~

We all stayed home to watch the opening ceremony of the Youth Olympics Games 2010 in SINGAPORE! Gladys never fails to give us surprise with her little actions as she danced with the songs. One moment she is singing, the next moment she is taking the Singapore flag and waving in front of the television. :p

Count down at 20:10

See Gladys dance!

It is very rare to have all of us watching the same program on TV for 2 hours. Only such historic event and moment can keep us together. :) We stand up to sing the National anthem and also waited eagerly for the Singapore's representative carrying our nation's flag to appear! The children keep asking when is Singapore's turn. :D

I must say I was most impressed with how the cauldron to the Youth Olympic flame is lighted at the end. Seeing the beautiful lighted Phoenix 'gliding' across the Marina Bay escorted by the dragon boats is so majestic! The drums beating and our 6 youth torch bearers carrying the Olympic flame to the light house. Everyone has been speculating who will be the final torch bearer and it is Darren Choy (16 years) who is our national sailor. I love how the flame is being set ablaze, moving up around the lighthouse and finally reaching the top. Not to forget the series of fireworks throughout the show.

The entire opening ceremony is Spectacular, making us feel so PROUD to host the first Youth Olympic Game in our home country!

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