Sunday, August 15, 2010

~ Singapore Heritage Festival 2010 - Compass Point ~

We went to Compass Point yesterday to return our library books and was delighted to see the Singapore Heritage Festival being brought to the heartlands.

It's a Kid's World @ Compass Point. There is a showcase of more than 300 dolls all dressed up in different national costumes. All the dolls are listed by their country in alphabetical order and their costumes are hand-sewn. Check out the dolls gallery :

"Project U & I" is the creative works by some 200 schools and junior colleges in Singapore. It gives an opportunity to learn about the cultures and lifestyles of the 204 participating countries of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games.

Apart from the pretty dolls, there is also stage performances. We were just on time for the Story-telling session - Badang who is a legendary strongman in Southeast Asia. Gladys is so brave and raised her hands when they asked for volunteers. She was lucky to be selected as one of the sound-effect crew and did a fantastic job participating at the side. :)

The story-teller did so well narrating the story and kudos to those who acted in the show. They are so FUNNY! Especially when the head of the axe flew off twice. :) The children had a good laugh and a great time!

Denver on the other hand was also being selected to go on stage and play with one of my favourite childhood game - Zero Point. The rubber bands are interlinked together to form a rope and players skip over the rope at different heights progressively. His actions are so hilarious and brought so much laughter to the crowd.

It's good that they are not shy about being on stage and at the end of the day, they each got a Singapore flag sticker and a tattoo for their hard work. ^_^

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