Sunday, August 01, 2010

~ An Upset and Angry Mummy ~

Mummy is on a fiery mood today. Denver and Gladys has been testing my patience and made me really MAD this morning. Another contributing factor could also be I am in a sickly condition (down with cough, flu and suffering from a bad throat).

Denver is supposed to take out his pocket garden (with some beansprouts) in it and observe their daily growth on his booklet. He totally forgotten about it and naturally the beansprout is squashed in his bag and almost dying. Not only that, he also didn't complete his colouring which I told him to do this morning. I even gave Denver numerous reminders and warnings yesterday. Upon waking up and still seeing Denver not doing his homework properly and taking care of his own things, I got so angry and gave him a hard time.

Gladys is also not being spared as well as she has been cheeky all the while and thought she can run away with it. Urgghhhhh...

After a series of scoldings, lecturing plus spanking (sorry to say, I don't spare the rod, especially in tough times like this), the after effect is an even much worn out throat. Why must Mummy put on a stern face before the children listen and take my words to heart?

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