Sunday, September 26, 2010

~ Art class registration for Gladys ~

Gladys has turned 4 officially and as promised, we registered her to an art class from Sengkang community centre today. Gladys displays more interest in art and she has been asking us to send her for drawing/colouring lessons for months!

Earlier, Hubby & I had a look at the program schedules from the CC and we managed to choose a suitable date/time among our working schedule for her to go. Gladys is so happy that she even thought that her class starts tomorrow! We bought some art materials and packed them nicely in a bag all ready and set for her first arty lesson.

In the past, Gladys always tag along whenever we send Denver for lessons. She will linger around in the classroom and seems reluctant to leave the room at times. Soon, it will be her turn attending the lessons and Gladys even told us that she'll say "Goodbye" to us. :) We'll see what happens on her first day in class at the CC.


  1. Gladys sure has that much interest in art!! good for her! ^ ^ same like me when im small hahaha.

  2. Yes. She is very excited! :) Am glad to send her to something that she likes to do :)