Saturday, September 25, 2010

~ Happy 4th Birthday Gladys! ~

It's Gladys' 4th Birthday and we started our day as early as waking up at 5plus in the morning. Why so early? We are going to the airport to send my lbil's family who is going oversea for a vacation. :) The children loves going to the airport. It's breakfast at Mcdonald, play area at Terminal 3 with lots of space to run about and quenching their thirst whenever they see water-cooler units.

Gladys can't wait to open her presents when she got home. The anticipation on what is behind those pretty wrappers and it is fun to see her expression when she finally sees her presents. You'll know at that moment which is her favourite. :)

It's MOVIE Time! Hubby & I took the kids to AMK Hub to catch "Alpha & Omega". The movie, with a simple story focusing on how two wolves (Kate & Humphrey) tries to get home after being taken by the park rangers. In the meantime, back home, the rival wolf packs' conflict emerged with Kate's dissappearance and how they will help to restore the peace. It may not have the best graphics nor special effects one can ask, but it is a pretty funny and entertaining movie suitable for the entire family to watch and relax.

Gladys has really changed and grown a lot over the past year. She started going school, learned how to write the alphabets and numbers as well as her name in English & Chinese. She can spell a few words (eg. 1-10) and her recognition of words increases. Gladys looks prettier now (not so tomboyish) but she is quite tough and rough. Always yelling and shouting whenever she don't get her things. :)

Apart from liking balloons, Gladys loves bubbles too. She received a mini bubble gun in one of her presents and the children can't wait to go and play with the new toy.

It's Bubbles Everywhere. ^_^

After a whole day of fun, we had dinner at KFC with fil and bbil's family. A birthday won't be complete without a Birthday cake and Happy Birthday song. :) Gladys chose the design of the cake by herself and it is not difficult to guess what she likes. (Pink and Princess) The whole cake looks so sweet!

Singing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY song to GLADYS and it's time to cut the cake. :)

Is the cake Yummy? Is all written on her face. :)

HAPPY 4th Birthday Gladys

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