Friday, September 17, 2010

~ Colgate - Free dental check up ~

Almost every year, Colgate will have a free dental check-up session at Compass Point. This is the second time we register, participate and join in the queue for a round of free dental assessment. It is a very encouraging movement opening to the public to have their teeth checked at no cost!

A few dentists will be stationed to help the public do a quick check-up on their teeth and writing down some pointers. Afterwhich, they will join in another queue where there will be guidance on the outcome of the assessment. Each participant will also receive a free toothpaste and mouthwash. Cool!

Gladys is only keen on getting the balloon and not interested on having her teeth checked. I guess she probably thought that it will be painful. :) On the other hand, Denver's tooth doesn't seems to be in a good shape. Another of his baby tooth is shaking with his adult tooth growing behind. As advised, he should go for an xray to check for signs of tooth decay at the side.

Depending on the queue, the dental check up didn't take very long. We got free assessment, free gifts and most important letting the children know the importance of brushing and taking care of their teeth!

Check this link to find out where you can get your free dental check up too. :)

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