Saturday, September 18, 2010

~ OpenNet Installation ~

OpenNet installation is finally here at our block! They will be setting up the optical fibre cables into homes & offices islandwide where data and information can be transfer at ultra-high speeds.

We received the letter from OpenNet sometime ago and setup the appointment for the installation today. If home owners choose to reject the offer and decided to install it next time, it will cost $2xx. Installation fees are waived for the first 15 metres of optical fibre (from point of entry into your home to termination point). It is recommended that the termination point is installed near your existing TV Cable/TV/AC power point and/or telephone points in the living room and one fibre termination box will be sufficient to support the bandwidth needs for your home.

The entire installation and final testing took about 3 hours to complete. It was really dusty and messy after the setup and we took another hour to clean up. Nevetheless, it's a free installation and looking forward to see how beneficial it will be in the future! :)

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