Monday, September 20, 2010

~ I Hate Ants! ~

I really dislike seeing ants crawling around in my kitchen. A couple is fine, but not a lot of them. :( Every time, I'll try to trace the path to see where and what is the cause of their 'visits'. Even a drop of sweet juice will attract an army of them. Due to my persistence on getting rid of these pests, I am well known as the 'ant-killer' in the house. :(

Today, I think I probably found their 'hide-out' and started spraying a bit at the kitchen door frame. I was shocked to see a bunch of ants crawling out in the attempt to escape from the 'poison spray'.

More and more ants crawled out and it is a really uncomfortable and disgusting sight. So many dead ants on both corners of the door frame and on the ground. I nearly fainted. Any good ideas or recommendation on baits to get rid of the ants are welcome!

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