Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~ Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary - Sakae Sushi ~

Today it is our Wedding anniversary for the 8th year. Last year, Hubby was away working in the Philippines. This year, we didn't take leave but took the children out for dinner and spend some time together. Since I won the $50 voucher from the previous months' Sakae Sushi Bloggers Affair Contest, we decided to go out for a special treat on a special day. ^_^

Denver knows Daddy & Mummy loves to eat our sushi with the wasabi so he prepared some for us today. That is so sweet. :)

The sushi are yummy and the children grabbed their favourite from the sushi belt. We also tried one pink coloured plate sushi today. Looks really delicious. Mmmmm.

All of us are busy eating. Denver started playing with the sushi by stacking them up and call it "The Sushi Tower". Well, his tower isn't very tall and he only manages to stack 3. Hahaha. Maybe there can be a contest to see who can stack the tallest Sushi Tower. ^_^

Knowing each other for more than 10 years, eight years of marriage and contented with 2 children. Wishing many more years to come and seeing the children through their growing years.

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary!


  1. So sweet of the boy to prep the wasabi! Happy wedding anniversary to the two of you! :)

  2. Thanks! I was surprised too. :) Children sometimes gives us pleasant and unusual surprises. :)