Wednesday, September 22, 2010

~ Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2010 ~

Almost every year, Chong Ghee Temple will organise some events in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, there is also a Lantern Festival (中秋赏月提灯会) event beside the temple. We were home at around 6 plus in the evening and you can feel the party already.

The children are READY with their lanterns. :)

Public can collect a free lantern and mooncake. In addition, there is a range of stage performances lined up. Denver & Gladys love the jumping castles and they had so much FUN! Apart from the free entry to the jumping castles, there are free balloons, popcorn, candy, french fries, nuggets, vegetarian beehoon, nasi lemak and drinks!!!!!!

There is a long queue for the balloons but the children waited patiently. While waiting, we ate non-stop. The food is really YUMMY! Especially the nasi-lemak and french fries. They gave very generous servings and it is warm and tasty! THUMBS UP!

Mr Michael Palmer (MPs for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC and Advisor of Chong Ghee Temple) is the Guest-of-Honour for tonight's event. He lead to the start of the lantern procession together with the dragon/lion troupe. We lighted our lanterns and joined in the crowd with the walk. We are lucky that the earlier downpour has stopped and we can see the beautiful full moon in the night sky.

As we make our way back to the event area, more and more crowd has gathered. Everyone is enjoying themselves and having a good time. Entertaining performances, yummy food, fun activities and free balloons and lanterns have made this festive event so enjoyable for all of us. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


  1. Looked like everyone had a good time! We have the same round lantern, but ended up using one with a battery-operated light, lest the boy set fire to our dog! :)

  2. Yes! Everyone had fun! :) I think when the kids are older, they can carry the lighted lanterns. Battery operated is safer :)