Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~ De-stressing moment @ Sakae Sushi ~

The month of October didn't start well as it should have been. We have been down with Conjunctivitis for 2 weeks at the beginning of the month and I was feeling pretty upset. On the second week when Gladys caught the eye-infection again, I was struggling with a busy work schedule while looking after an attention-seeking daughter.

I felt so bad for neglecting her and didn't even have time to cook a proper meal. Gladys only has bread, cereal, steamed bao and snacks for breakfast and lunch for a couple of days. I skipped my meals and was feeling pretty drained out from work while still recuperating from my sored eyes.

After we all got better, Hubby suggested that we go Sakae Sushi for dinner. I guess he knows that eating my favourite food can help me to de-stress and I definitely need it at that point of time. After skipping my breakfast and lunch earlier, I am totally famished!

I had plates and plates of sushi and handrolls and that really helps to lighten my mood. :) We also picked another new pink plate to try.

Since I was feeling a little moody, I played with my food and made different faces on the sushi plates. I think the waitress who saw me finds me really WEIRD. Opps. :) Which one is representing how I'm feeling? I can't really decide.

I'm glad that Hubby took me out to eat. At least I can take a little break and enjoy a proper meal. Good food definitely helps me to recharge.