Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~ Love for Donuts! ~

Did I ever mention Denver and Gladys love eating Donuts? Well, basically the kids enjoy all sorts of sweet, yummy, tasty food. Donuts is one of them. Whenever we pass by a shop selling donuts, Gladys will bug me to buy 1 for her.

Tonight, we have a special supper treat. Compliment from Hubby's good friend. A box of 12 donuts from Donut Factory! Denver and Gladys are SO HAPPY that even though they brushed their teeth and it's their bedtime, nothing will stop them from taking a bite. They choose their favourite donut flavour and even 'reserved' which donut to eat tomorrow. Daddy and Mommy have to take the 'unwanted' pieces.

Can you guess which one they chose? ^_^

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