Thursday, October 07, 2010

~ Drawings - Missing Denver ~

It has been 3 days since we seen Denver. Due to the Conjunctivitis virus, Denver has been living with my in laws for the time being. Gladys has started to miss her gor gor and says she wants to make a present for Denver since yesterday.

It's funny and contradicting. Whenever Denver is around, Gladys will fight with him for TV channels, chance to play the computer games, food and almost everything. Now she is home alone with us, I guess she felt the loneliness that no one is around to play and fight with her anymore. :) Time for her to appreciate her brother more.

And so, she started drawing a picture as a present for Denver. I was busy washing up as she gets on to work, scribbling on a piece of paper all by herself. I am delighted to see the lovely drawing that she drew earlier (without me telling her what to do). I teach Gladys to use the marker pens to outline the pencil mark first before using the colour pencils to colour the picture. This will make the drawing more prominent, colourful and lively. A little surprise for Denver when he comes home in a few days time. We all misses you!


  1. Facebook with Denver lah :)

  2. eh.. cannot leh cos he don't know his facebook password. :p