Saturday, October 09, 2010

~ Recovering and Disinfecting ~

We are on the road to recovery (after the conjunctivitis incident). My eyes are still a bit reddish but not infectious any more. Doctor says it will take another week for the blood vessles within my eyes to clear off. In the meantime, I think passerby still find me 'scary' to look at.

This virus not only has put Gladys out of school but also Hubby and me out of work for a week! We are lucky that Denver was separated from us just in time and did not fall as a victim like us. Even though we are confined at home, it has not been easy. The irritation on both eyes has blurred my vision, caused a lot of discomfort and impaired my daily activities. To ease the pain and uneasiness, I have to close and rest my eyes and also indulge in taking short naps.

Since we are all feeling better today, it's time to disinfect the house before Denver gets home. We refilled our disinfectants, sprays, hand wash, tissue boxes and started cleaning since morning. From door knobs, toys, keyboards to remote controls, switches, handles, we tried to clean up as much as we can. Vacumming, mopping, washing the bedsheets, sofa covers, blankets, towels etc.... It looks like we are doing spring cleaning for CNY! It is a lot of hard work and hopefully, we will not be plagued by another viral incident. (at least making sure that the source is not from our home!)

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  1. Aiyo.. hope the both of you get well soon!

    Take good care! =)