Tuesday, October 12, 2010

~ The "Sickness" Cycle continues... ~

I HATE to say this... but I'm really tired and overwhelmed with the series of illness episodes. Fever.. HFMD... Conjunctivitis...Gosh.. Is there an epidemic going on within our house!!? I simply cannot believe it. Even with our best effort during the past weekend to disinfect and clean up the house, what do we have?! Gladys being sent back home from school today with another eye infection.

A BIG BIG SIGH...... We are back to square one (again) and this is exhausting me out. Since this morning, I took time off from work, went back to the clinic, looked after Gladys, separated Denver and possibly another round of clean up this weekend. When is this viscious cycle going to stop?

Going to miss Denver again and not sure how am I going to cope with working and caring for Gladys at the same time. Denver just had his oral exam today and his year-end exams will be in another 2 weeks time.. I guess he is pretty much on his own to self-study (without Mommy nagging and monitoring him) and hopefully he continues to stay healthy.

There is something to be happy about that happened during this sickly episode. Gladys has been diaper free for a week! We have been giving her midnight wakeup call to pee and although she had a couple of 'accidents' and wet the bed, Gladys has been pretty cooperative. Yesterday, she even wakes up on her own and goes to the toilet! Kudos to her! I believe this time she will be permanently saying GOOD-BYE to diapers.  

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