Friday, October 15, 2010

~ Physically and Mentally Tired ~

Have not been updating my blogs lately. The past few days have been extremely busy and tiring. I have been struggling taking care of Gladys at home and at the same time working.

One moment Gladys will says "I'm Hungry!", "I want milk.", the next moment she'll say "Mommy, play with me", "I want to watch TV", "I want to play games". Very often, I cannot fulfill her needs immediately and she starts to get upset. I cannot even have a decent teleconference meeting without her screaming, shouting or calling me. I got so moody and frastrated that she also got a scolding from me.

Not only that, I am also trying to work with a worn out vision. Can't really stare at the computer for too long as my vision will starts to get blur. But so many issues happened at work that I have to force myself to work it out somehow and only to find myself all tired out at the end of the day.

It has been a chaotic week and it's FRIDAY! Gladys is finally back to school today and we took Denver back home last night. Hoping to have more rest during the weekend before I start a new battle for the coming weeks.

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