Monday, November 08, 2010

~ Clean and Green Carnival ~

The Clean & Green Singapore (CGS) Carnival was held at Sengkang Square over the last weekend. The CGS movement aims to promote a clean & green lifestyle to Singaporeans through games, activities, exhibition, peformances etc.

We were at the carnival yesterday morning and there was already a crowd. The tentage was quite big and it took us awhile to go through some of the exhibits.

The children are attracted by the Play section and had some fun with the boardgames. Gladys also got a little bottle of spinach back after a little explanation on the hydroponics culture :) Hubby and I are pretty interested in the current and up-coming park projects. Lower Seletar Reservoir is one of them. :)

We also brought along some drink cans for recycling and there was a super long queue! One of the machine was not functioning and it took Hubby 1 hour to queue for recycling at the Reverse Vending Machine. Hopefully next time the committee can put up more machines so that it will encourage more people to recycle the plastic bottles or drink cans.

While waiting, the children queued at the game stations instead. Through fun and games, CGS hopes the public will inject some knowledge on how to live a greener and cleaner lifestyle. (E.g. switching the air-condition to 25 degrees, the 3 Rs - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle etc)

There are also art sculptures made of plastic, drink cans, paper etc. displayed at the carnival.

If only we could stay longer to go through each and every station, but we have to make our move first for lunch at my mom's place already. This year's CGS movement seems to be very successful and hoping it will attracts a bigger crowd and public attention next time. :)

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