Thursday, November 11, 2010

~ Denver's P1 Results ~

Exams are over we are one week away from school holidays! Denver got his report book back earlier this week and he showed improvements compared to his mid-year results. :) Surprisingly, he got his best overall mark in Chinese (which is a subject that he don't like the most). English examinations on the other hand are getting tougher where students are also being tested on Composition at Primary 1 level.

Apart from the good grades, I'm glad to see his teacher's encouraging comments on his conduct as well. Hence, there is no parent-teacher meeting session for Denver. This is how the school works, not all parents are required to meet the teachers if their child behavioural and academic results are satisfactory.

On the other hand, I must admit Hubby and I were a little sad that Denver didn't manage to get any award for the prizing ceremony which will be held next friday. We were hoping if there is a chance to see him go on stage and take some photos. :p Nevertheless, I am proud of the results and I believe the better 'reward' for Denver is to enjoy our upcoming short getaway to Batam next week! :) Counting down to HOLIDAYS!

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