Friday, November 26, 2010

~ Faber Castell Mulberry Fibre Paint Set ~

I always enjoy art & craft and drawing since young. Gladys seems to have inherited this part of my genes and enjoys it too. I particularly like Faber-Castell's products regardless if it is colour pencils, crayons, pencils or erasers. They are of a better quality and we also enjoy watching the VCD where artist, Einstein Kristiansen will show you how to doodle and draw cartoons.

Yesterday, a good friend of mine gave us a box of Faber-Castell Mulberry fibre paint set. We saw this paint set at various sales exhibition before but never bought one to try. :) Gladys was so happy to see the box and can't wait to open it.

Inside the box set, there are 6 coloured fibre paints, a pair of tweezers and a stick. Gladys uses the tweezers and take the paint while Mommy uses the stick and spread it nicely on the picture. We spent the night completing the art piece and here's how it look before and after. Not bad for a first timer. ^_^

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